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UK Registered Nurse


Job role: Registered Nurse

Job sector: Healthcare

Job Type: Full-time

Country: United Kingdom.

Location: Swansea

Salary: £18.65 per hour


Company pension.

Discounted or free food.

Gym membership.

On-site parking.

UK visa sponsorship.

Discounted or free food.

Gym membership.

On-site parking.

About the Job.

The RN has the responsibility for supporting the Lead Nurse and the Home Manager in the implementation of the vision and mission of the organization. Expectations associated with the facilitation of this role include working in partnership with the Local Authority, Local Health Board, CIW, Community Teams, and the Care Home Management Team (MTF).

The RN, as part of the nursing team, will provide advice, guidance, and training where appropriate, to educate persons involved in the provision of care to residents.

Key responsibilities;

  • To provide a safe, clinical environment for the delivery of high-quality nursing services to residents. Ensuring that the well-being of residents and their health & social care needs are met, while supporting residents to achieve optimum levels of functioning
  • To provide nursing expertise and advice to residents, their families, and colleagues.
  • To work in close partnership with external Health Professionals.
  • To act as a role model leading by example, whilst adhering to the policies and procedures of the organisation.
  • Maintain clinical practice by working clinical shifts both day and night as required.
  • To identify areas of good practice to offer opportunities for shared learning.
  • To ensure own research and learning are continuously updated through supervision, annual appraisal, and revalidation.
  • Participate in multidisciplinary coordination of care daily.
  • Using the Person-Centred Software (PCS) ensures all care plans, skin integrity charts, and risk assessments, allocated to nurses are updated promptly (i.e., as required, and monthly)
  • Use the PCS for daily record of activity, ensuring nutrition, hydration, skin integrity, etc are recorded. Ensure outcomes for the resident are being achieved, and report where there is a systems/person failure.
  • Provide handover to an RN taking over the next shift.
  • Assess, if required, new residents in the community or hospital, using the pre-assessment tool and report back to the internal group, to enable a decision on the placement. Add information, that allows for a full assessment to be undertaken on admission, to the PCS system.
  • Working with families & health professionals that work towards achieving the best outcomes for residents. This will involve dealing with concerns, issues, and complaints if and when they arise, escalating those that cannot be resolved by the wider team on the unit or floor.
  • Attend GP rounds if required, keeping all staff aware of outcomes following assessment by the GP. This includes updating the PCS system.
  • Using the digital medicines management system ensure the safe administration of medications.
  • Report any medication errors and evidence learning from errors and near misses.
  • Adhere to policies relating to the ordering, administration, and disposal of medications.


12-hour shift.

Day shift.

Night shift.




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