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Health care Aide.


Job role: Health care Aide.

Job sector: Healthcare.

Job Type: Full-time.

Country: Canada.

Location: Ottawa.

Salary: $21–$22 per hour.

Shift & Schedule:

  • Weekends as needed.
  • Evening shift.
  • Day shift.

About the Job.

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Key responsibilities;

  • Assist residents with personal care, including bathing, grooming, dressing, skin care, toileting, and ambulation while promoting as much independence as possible.
  • Assist with meal service including serving, feeding, and clearing of dishes.
  • Clean and make residents’ beds and keep bedside units/room clean, tidy, and free of odor; Clean bed frames and mattresses according to cleaning schedule.
  • Under the supervision of the registered nurse, performs selected procedures, such as foot soaks, weighing, taking specimens, intake/output, and vital signs; Gives nail care to residents with normal nails and feet/hands. (Certified persons only).
  • Provide conversation and stimulation to residents.
  • Sort and deliver residents’ clothing.
  • Work on special projects as requested by the Director of Care or Assistant Director of Care.
  • Refer problems and concerns to the nurse as required.
  • Implement bowel and bladder retraining programs, under the direction of the Registered Nurse.
  • Implement infection control precautions under the direction of the registered nurse.
  • Care for the body after death only after the registered nurse has so directed.
  • Responsible for residents with PDAs.
  • Complete all documentation for residents including food and fluid intake, bowel and bladder records, and ADL records.
  • Encourage resident exercise including performing exercises with them if needed.
  • Transfer residents safely and effectively daily according to the minimal lift policy.
  • Observe changes in the resident condition and report to the registered nurse (including skin condition, elimination pattern, eating pattern, emergencies, etc.).
  • Clean wheelchairs, trolleys, carts, and other equipment regularly.
  • Responsible use of resources at all times.
  • Complete all required in-services on an annual basis.
  • Engage in research/training activities related to the field.
  • Assist with instruction, training, and orientation of new staff and students.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned by the Assistant Director of Care and/or Director of Care.


  1. Ability to interact with seniors including those that are cognitively impaired.
  2. Excellent organizational, observational, teamwork, interpersonal, and communication skills.
  3. Strong documentation skills.
  4. Ability to articulate and demonstrate resident safety strategies.
  5. Adheres to policies and procedures of Belmont House and regulations set out by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care at all times.
  6. Demonstrates understanding of, and compliance with, responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations, and the organizations’ health and safety plans, policies, and procedures. Attends Health and Safety in-services and takes action to address unsafe conditions and procedures, to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.
  7. Demonstrates understanding of, compliance with, and commitment to, resident/tenant safety responsibilities and corresponding plans, policies, and procedures to ensure a safe environment for residents/tenants. Attends resident/tenant safety in-services and takes action to address unsafe conditions and procedures.





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