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Job role: Driver.

Job Type: Casual.

Country: Australia.

Location: Tasmania.

Salary: $58,899 – $61,381 per year

About the Job.

Provide an efficient and effective driving service for Oral Health Services Tasmania (OHST), including the timely delivery, set-up, and pack-up of mobile dental vans to schools and various other off-site locations around Tasmania.

Key responsibilities;

  • Drive OHST’s self-drive mobile dental vans between their designated parking spot (located near to or onsite at a major dental clinic) to targeted schools located around southern Tasmania.
  • Set up and pack-down the dental van ready for clinical treatment as per the Operators Manual; ensuring the required administrative records are maintained.
  • Refuel and restock the dental vans when necessary, ensuring the onboard water tank is also kept full and the grey waste-water tank is emptied at an appropriate sewerage drain when required.
  • Comply with Work Health and Safety legislation, particularly with regards to children and the broader school community when maneuvering a large dental van on school premises.




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