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Sous Chef / Full Time Chef in Melbourne, Australia


At Third Wave Cafe, located in the picturesque Albert Park, we’re blending innovation with tradition and we want you to be a part of this delicious fusion. We’re scouting for an enthusiastic chef to spice up our team with day and evening shifts, weekends included. Don’t worry, we’ve got a pinch of flexibility to ensure your schedule stays as appetizing as our menu.

Job Title: Sous Chef / Full Time Chef

Location: Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia

 Your Culinary Playground: 

  • Bring Your Flavor: With at least 2 years in the heat of fast-paced kitchens, you’re ripe for the challenges and triumphs of our kitchen.
  • Prime Locations: Showcase your skills at Third Wave Cafe in Albert Park, a hotspot for Slow Smoking and Dry Ageing Meat enthusiasts. Plus, get a slice of the action at our new concept, Robo Diner in Moorabbin.
  • Diverse Menu of Responsibilities: From meticulous prep to dynamic service, your role will be as varied and vibrant as our culinary offerings.

 Sizzling Opportunities: 

  • Sponsorship on the Table: For the chef who proves to be the perfect ingredient to our team, we’re open to discussing sponsorship opportunities to sweeten the deal.
  • Work-Life Harmony: Whether full-throttle full-time or a balanced part-time is your pace, we offer the flexibility to match your lifestyle.
  • A Place to Grow: Be part of a community that values culinary innovation and teamwork, all while contributing to our ever-evolving story.

 Where the Magic Happens:

  • Third Wave Cafe, Albert Park: The heart of our culinary creativity and customer satisfaction.
  • Robo Diner, Moorabbin: A taste of the future, where culinary art meets innovation.

 Why You’ll Thrive With Us: 

  • A Canvas for Your Culinary Art: Your expertise will be celebrated in our diverse and innovative menu.
  • Pathways to Progress: With us, you’ll find doors opening to new opportunities and culinary explorations.
  • A Team That Tastes Together: Join a group of passionate food aficionados where your creativity and passion for food are shared and cherished.

Dive into our world and see what we’re cooking up:


 Are You Ready to Add Your Spice to the Mix? Whip up your resume and send it to ad***@th***********.au. Let’s create something extraordinary together!

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