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Registered Adult Nurse.


Job role: Registered Adult Nurse.

Job sector: Healthcare.

Job Type: Full-time

Country: United Kingdom.

Location: Nottingham.

Salary: £28,407 – £34,581 per year.

About the Job.

This is a unique opportunity for a Band 5 Nurse to positively change the acute hospital experience.

Ward B48 is a specialty ward of Health Care of Older People (HCOP) based at the QMC. We are committed to providing the best care for older people with a stable, well-supported, and motivated workforce. Our pathways and treatment of our vulnerable patient group are at the leading edge within the field.


We are looking for registered nurses who are dedicated and committed and can be part of a team as well as working autonomously to provide high-quality dignified care to our patients in a safe environment. Some of our patients will have complex social needs, so we offer training and support to help you develop your skills in supporting safe and effective discharge from the hospital and delivering quality care for the duration of our patient’s stay.

If you possess excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, can work within a multi-disciplinary team, and have a specialist interest in developing the service we provide then please apply, we would be happy to have you as part of our team.

Within HCOP there are opportunities to complete the Frailty module which forms part of the degree pathway which is a new bespoke module focused solely on older persons and the complexities of caring for them and an aging population. There are also opportunities to progress up the nursing ladder into advanced clinical practitioner roles.

With over 17,000 staff, we are one of the biggest employers in the city with a central role in supporting the health and wellbeing of our local population. We play a leading role in research, education, and innovation.

Come and join our wonderful team at NUH. We are big believers in diversity and welcome new ideas to help develop our team to deliver world-class healthcare to the vast patient populations we serve. With endless personal development opportunities available, at NUH we will endeavor to turn your job into a career!

We particularly welcome applications from people who identify as Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, or Disabled, as we are striving to be better represented at NUH.

As a Staff Nurse, you will regularly ensure that the standards and quality of care given to patients, together with the environment in which care is delivered, are maintained at a high standard. You will ensure you are compliant with all aspects of NUH policy, keep up-to-date evidence-based health care, and strive for continued professional development and service improvement.

As part of a Band 5 nurse in Ward B48, you will be expected to care for acutely unwell patients and those receiving palliative care. You will be involved in the admitting and discharging of patients and interacting with their families and carers to ensure a safe and timely discharge is undertaken. You will work closely with medics, physios, occupational therapists, dieticians, psychiatric nurses, and discharge teams. You will be involved in various nursing procedures such as enteral feeding, wound management, intravenous medications, catheterization, continence management, and nutrition management.




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